Pack your O-mighty slogan crop tee/halter, your Ette velvet flares and your spice-up-ya-life platforms; we’re going on a trip to Club Tropicana!! The sun’s always shining and there are constant good-vibes-only reverberating out of loud speaker systems blaring carnival tunes all-day-everyday. Spiced rum punch and jerk chicken is your diet for the perfect bootylicious beach body and sleep is for the utterly dull. This summer’s Tropicana vibes are derived from beach outings and water gun fights galore, all night parties and invincible girl gangs tearing up tha clurbs.

Today our trip is hosted by a dream collaboration, photographer Paola Vivas and stylist Rachel Mae Tyson, who were brought together to create this summer-tastic special spread of colour-poppin, spicey, fun pictures to give you the ultimate summer outfit and general life inspo… this special brings you a showcase of our favourite picks from ASOS atm so we hope you like it as much as we do and get impeccable inspiration for Tropicana-club-beach-water-gun-safe outifts!

Photographer: Miss P Vivas
Photographer Assist: Monika Bletej
Styling: Rachael Mae
Models: Donnika, Sasha and Karolina @ Premier
Make Up: Jess Whitbread
Hair: Tassilia Varda
Clothing: Adidas, Motel Rocks, Story of Lola, YRU, Raggest Priest, She Made Me, O-Mighty, American Apparel, Topshop, ASOS.
Video: Gray Brame