Photo: SineadIllustration: Sinead

Sinead is an artist and musician from the UK. She likes pastel colours, cool girls, painting, k-pop, making beats, and sparkly eyes. Someday soon she plans to study art and become a strange-pop sensation, and move back to her birthplace of London. Follow her on instagram and twitter! Words by Sinead Satu.




“I find a special kind of solace in prettiness. When I say my favourite colour is pink, what I mean is that I find genuine happiness and peace in surrounding myself with sugary hues.”




“Visual documentation is something that I obsess over every day of my life; if I see something that looks beautiful to me, I feel compelled to take pictures or make a note of what I like about it – and when something around me doesn’t fit the visual I want, I get sooo restless and frustrated.”




“I’m easily stressed and upset by things, but tend to keep it to myself; so I see my own work as a part of the ever-growing collection of visuals that comfort me personally. Drawing has become a routine thats kind of comforting in itself; I subconsciously draw every girl with the same formula of pseudo-self portrait traits: sparkly eyes, little mouth, round cheeks.”



“I’m half Finnish on my dad’s side and recently went to the family’s summer house in rural, central Finland. We don’t go very often and although its my heritage and my family, I feel really distant from it all because I don’t speak Finnish. I fell in love all over again with the landscape of neat pastel houses, clear lake water, tall trees and tiny rocky islands.”



“But despite being in a pseudo-familiar, strange aesthetic wonderland it was a very emotionally draining trip and I felt kind of isolated the whole time. I came across a tiny notebook in a flea market, and discovered that it was made in a local paper factory that my dad and others in his family had worked at years ago – it finally felt like I had my own small tether to that part of our lives, even though I am still just the quiet, moody cousin/niece/granddaughter that only speaks English and wants to be by herself all the time.”