Illustration: Milena Huhta

Milena Huhta is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Helsinki, Finland. Mixing together elements of 90’s shōjo manga, sci-fi scenarios, contemporary fashion and Asian folklore, she creates worlds filled with conflicted and melancholy characters. Words by Milena.




“Games are a form of self-expression where the player is God guiding the characters through different worlds. In those worlds you can explore, discover and win.”




“You choose a character that represents you the most or one that mirrors your ideal self. It’s a personal playground, another form of self-expression or extension to your identity as you get to try to be somebody else for a while.”




“I definitely would like to see more powerful female characters who, instead of being scarcely clad objects of lust or supporting cast to male lead, take the stage with no apologies and kick some serious ass. “




“I grew up playing various consoles, like Sega and Playstation (some of my favorite games included Final Fantasy VII, Tekken, Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage). I’ve always enjoyed looking at cool game concept art so it was loads of fun creating my own.”