Happy Valentine’s, y’all! It’s that long stretch of time between Christmas and spring that’s dreary and depressing. But these looks are sure to cure your S.A.D. regardless of whether or not you’re spending V-Day with a partner.

Nothing says “I’m festive and also alive,” like color and print. Stay warm yet sunny with Lisa Says Gah’s Tangerine Rib Tee, Pansy’s bra, Farrow’s robe coat, and Lonely Label plaid pants.
V Day 1
Grabbing a bottle of pink champagne and celebrating with girlfriends? Go all out slumber party chic with Shopfloorwhore’s Trashy Tee, Illustrated People’s Ed Hardy Collab, Pink baby Sweet skirt, and a pair of Poms Sunglasses.
v day 2 final
Be your own valentine this year! Self-love means turning off your phone and turning into a print matter in this magazine-inspired outfit. Grab a book, a graphic novel, or a magazine and chill at your favorite cafe in Editorial Magazine’s Poor Gray tee, Soop Soop’s Unisex Red Slacks, 032c’s Remove Before Sex socks, and Reebok Classics.
vday 3
x HB

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