SOOO this week will be sponsored by Halloween Vibes, the first editorial that we present will be The Luci Crystal from Costa Rica! This talented editorial is about a girl gang that loves Halloween and have fun together, it could be a movie scene. So if you don’t know what to wear on Halloween check out these ideas!
Stay tuned for all the treatsthat we have for you this week! xxx

Hair and Makeup by Talking Heads Salon.



THS WFC 1 (1)








THC 10


THC 12

Paris Collages by Hannah Black

Asymmetry, organic shapes, tons of texture, and the color red ruled the runway in Paris. Seriously, break out all the crimson and berry you own! No ne(...)


Halloween Best Track by Iglooghost

This new Halloween track is our fav of all time. It was created by the British producer and designer Iglooghost. We are big fans of his work since the(...)