We found the work of Peter Devito about acne normalization on Instagram and it really blows our minds and hearts, so we chatted about his project, the inspiration in his daily creative routine and so much more, check it out below!



Superheromag [S]: Why did you start doing the acne normalization project?

Peter Devito  [P]: I kept seeing posts about body positivity and self-acceptance all over social media, but I felt there was a lack of visibility for people who struggle with acne.  I wanted to create work that would help empower more people.




S: Have you ever feel unloved with yourself? How do you change that?

P: There was a time when I was unhappy with how I looked. I have acne and when I was first getting it, I always felt embarrassed. I still don’t like having acne, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to accept that it doesn’t define me. 

S: Social media is really about just being superficially and just for the aesthetic how do you think this could change?

P:  I think that just being conscious of how social media is mainly about superficiality is a step in the right direction. Once you realize that, you can choose whether or not you want to use it solely for aesthetics.

S: Besides of Jon Yuyi which other projects you feel identification with and why?

P: Recently, I haven’t seen that many projects that I identify with. I appreciate a lot of work, and I’m inspired by it, but I don’t necessarily relate to it.

 S: Do you think that social media helps on the dehumanization? 

P: I don’t think social dehumanizes the world. I think it distorts our perception of reality.

 S: You started as a photographer when and why you think the concept and Style of your work evolve?

P: In 2013, I started taking photographs when I was in a pre-college program at Cooper Union. I started working in the style that I currently use during the summer of 2016. The idea of incorporating text in photographs has always interested me, so I’ve been continuing to experiment with finding new ways to do so. 


S: Do you feel confident now with yourself? 

P: Since I’ve photographed my acne and posted about it, I do feel more confident. The fairly positive response I’ve been receiving helped reinforce the fact that a lot of people struggle with acne and that it’s normal to get acne. This made me stop feeling alone, and helps me to keep going.

If you like Peter Devito work follow his recent work click here.



Photographer: Snapy Dan  Styling and art: Lyan Kaplun Model: Kimora             (...)


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