This photo series aims to capture the current feeling of heavy nationalism, return of the far right, and because of these factors, the creeping return of the glorification of conflict and war. As the owner of a British passport, but a resident of Berlin, it caused me to wake up to the increasingly polarised feelings in the world. I was jerked into an awareness of nationalism that still lingers everywhere a concept so absurd, that it’s shocking it still holds power and as much fear as it did 100 years ago. Nothing is worth killing for, whether wearing the mask of ‘war’ or not.


Photo: Julia Hovve

Models:  Lily Colfox, Alice Colfox.

Clothes: Army Surplus,  Humana,  Vali Boutique.












Who loves ya, baby?

  Photographer: Matthew Parisien Stylist: Émilie Lacoursière Styling Assistant: Valérie Laflamme Makeup and Hair: Emilie Mah using(...)


Fashun Tweek Vol 3.

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