As the ultimate sex symbol celebrates today her 90th birthday, we take a look at her transcendent imprint in the world of fashion, entertainment and pop culture.

Andy Warhol, Shot Marilyn 1962

Pop Art pioneer Andy Warhol, was one of the first painters that took celebrity cult as an artistic way of expression. Possibly, one of his most iconic paintings is the multicolored portrait he produced following the star’s death in 1962. Originally, Warhol designed a series of five canvases that featured the same promotional image of Marilyn for the movie Niagara, each one using a different color palette. In 1964, four of five pieces were damaged when Dorothy Podber shot ‘em in the forehead with a revolver. Since then, the controversy that surrounds the series has earned them international fame making them some of most popular paintings of modern art.



Madonna, Material Girl 1984

When Madonna was questioned about the inspiration behind her ’84 Material Girl music video she obviously replied Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. “My favorite scene is when she does that dance sequence for ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’.” Ciccone told The New York Daily News “I said, I can just redo that whole scene and it will be perfect. […] Marilyn was made into something not human in a way, and I can relate to that.”The pair have worked together in numerous occasions and the references to Hollywood’s ultimate bombshell are always present


Madonna at the Grammys in 1989

For decades Madonna has delighted the masses with some of the most iconic style moments in the history of entertainment. Fort the 31st ceremony of the Grammy Awards she did no wrong channeling her muse, Marilyn Monroe. The look was inspired in the blonde bombshell’s attire for the Academy Awards of 1953. Fur stole included.



Versace Spring/Summer Collection 1990

The theme was Pop Culture. Gianni Versace designed an entire collection based on the work of Andy Warhol. Bathing suits, gowns, trousers and jumpsuits were decorated from head-to-toe with multicolored Marilyn Monroes.



Linda Evangelista, Monroe phase 1991

Back in ‘91 supermodel Linda Evangelista went thru a Marilyn Monroe phase when she decided to bleach her hair platinum blonde. In that same year the super starred in a bizarre Chanel No. 5 commercial in which she morphs into the original Hollywood bombshell.



Britney Spears at the Grammys in 2000

Unlike anything else we’ve seen on Britney before, for one of her first appearances at the Grammys back in the year 2000, an 18 year old Britney stepped into the red carpet in full 50s movie star glamour! White long bodycon, alluring fur boa and every girl’s best friend, diamonds!



David Lachapelle, My Own Marilyn 2002

Shot by American photographer David Lachapelle, Marilyn’s never-born-trans-daughter, Amanda Lepore, poses as her ultimate icon in the movie Niagara publicity still.



Lindsay Lohan, Playboy 2012

90s babe, Lindsay Lohan, covered Playboy magazine back in 2012. The shoot was inspired by the very first playboy issue, which featured a skimpy calendar of Marilyn Monroe. Lilo has also portrayed Marilyn for Vogue and New York Magazine.



The Blonds Fall/Winter 2013

The NYC-based design duo sent peroxide blonde haired babes down the runway for their fall/winter ‘13 fashion show. Custom made wigs by Nick Irwin reminiscent of Marilyn’s last movie “Something’s Got to Give” matched perfectly the main theme of the collection, 60’s horror films.







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