It must be amazing for a teenager to grow up in London’s underground warehouse raves and vibrant party scene; this is exactly what made Liilo, a 17-year-old producer born in Jamaica and raised in London, fall in love with drum and bass and become obsessed with the club world. She started producing not to long ago – she used to be a figure skater before music became her main love – even though she spent a year at the world famous Point Blank Music Academy, where she got to work with true pioneers of the music industry like Phil Ramocon, a Grammy-winning musician songwriter, and Linton Lee Bennett (aka Stepz, producer for Dido and Boyz to Men).



Liilo recently released her first EP, Gemini Moon, via Soundcloud, which includes two songs, ‘Rhythm Brought me to you’ ‚Äč(featuring the vocals of Ann Dijkhuizen), and ‘Flying on a Miracle’
(featuring the vocals of Kris Rolt). She’s currently working on her second release, a single with her vocals in it, that you will probably hear in October 2015. This amazing 17-year-old is one of the select few female drum and bass producers in London, so make sure you check her out and support this rad girl! BTW, both tracks from Gemini Moon are free to download!








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