By Arturo RIco

When Kim Kardashian broke onto the showbiz scene nine years ago there wasn’t much to say about her, other than her countless relationships and closeness with notorious party girl, Paris Hilton. At the time, the young celebutante was no different to figures such as Tila Tequila or JWoww, and in regard to fashion, her style could only be described as a total mess (but honestly, whose style wasn’t around 2007). Over time, her satin cocktail dresses and extreme fake tan, were left out, as she opted for a more polished look, but still without bringing anything impressive to the fashion world.

Nowadays, Kim’s a force to be reckoned with, as she is the cover star of some of the world’s most prestigious publications and works with the biggest names in the industry. But how did she manage to go from working with McDonald’s to working with the likes of Carine Roitfeld and Karl Lagerfeld? Well, the secret behind her fashion world success has a ring on it, and its name is Mr. Kanye West.

Where pop stars like Björk and Lady Gaga tended to look forward in time to achieve a revolutionary and modern image, The Wests have revived some of the late 90’s and early noughties trends, that have been key for that unique KKW look that every 20-something y/o girl would die for.

A refreshing – but sort of predictable – change, as every female artist tried that “futuristic” look circa 2010. And even though, the 90’s aesthetic has been around for the last couple of years, Kanye and Jenke Ahmed (Mrs. West’s stylist) have been very careful avoiding that Clueless-que idea of the iconic decade.

The birth of Kimye, brought with it the death of the non-fashionable sex symbol, as she started to be under the Louis Vuitton Don’s control. Televised and off camera, ‘Ye makes sure his girl’s looks are always on point, and has done a great job changing her style from basketball-wifey to fashion icon.


Nov 15, 2014

For the launch of her perfume in Melbourne, Kim walked in in her – now signature – Atsuko Kudo latex dress, reminiscent of Britney’s “Oops!.. I did it again” music video aesthetic. You can’t notice it, but to get her into that dress she had someone oil up her voluptuous body (dream job right?).

Latex and PVC garments played a huge part in pop culture style 15 years ago. Thing is, you couldn’t find those materials in overpriced luxurious items from designers like Dior or Balenciaga. Nope, the material was more often used for performance costumes, as it gave the artist a more outrageous presence, instead of the sleek look everyone opts for when it comes to red carpets.


Feb 12, 2015

For the launch of YEEZY SEASON 1, the wife of Pablo sported cargo gear and an oversized camo jacket (all hail) from the Adidas Collab. But, back in the day, camo print wasn’t something people would wear to a fashion show, nor was it even considered something fashionable or trendy – unlike nowadays with Bape and Commes Des Garçon, brands rarely known outside of Japan 15 years ago.

Ohio’s Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Nas and Method Man were some of the early 90’s rappers that started the trend, which was later brought to pop culture by Destiny’s Child, The Spice Girls and Missy Elliot.


March 17, 2016

Among the 90’s color-euphoria, films like Crybaby and Poison Ivy brought major nostalgia for the 50’s aesthetic, later reflected in a bunch of babes rocking the James Dean cum Wade Walker signature look.

From Gwyneth Paltrow, to SJP and our favorite old school couple Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, the black leather jacket became a wardrobe staple for the late years of the 20th century.

And while we’re still dreaming about Kimye’s glorious collection of bomber jackets, it has been almost a year now since Kim has been spotted wearing one. Instead, she has been seen sporting leather jackets. From the one she got married with to her ultimate favorite, The Selfie Jacket, Mrs. West has been channelling 90’s Winona Ryder with that grunge-like combo of band shirts, chokers and biker gear.



Dec 24, 2015

As for beauty, Kim Kardashian has pioneered the contour craze as well as donning some major old school trends. The first – and most talked about one – is braids. It has recently been hard to find photos of Kim not rocking the boxed braids look, inserting her into the currently hot Western World debate over cultural appropriation.

Back in the 90’s these kinds of braids were Alicia Keys’ and Brandy’s signature look, but became a white girls (and boys) thang in the early 2000’s when we saw them on Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani and Fergie. While KimK has not been the first – or the last – to rock the iconic look, she has helped make a hitherto underground trend popular amongst the masses.

In make-up concerns, we can say the 90s weren’t necessarily beauty’s golden age, but among heavily-lined lips and sharpie eyebrows, the decade brought some cool trends that we’ve seen around for the last few years.

From berry lips to metallic eyeshadow and the modern day version of body glow, highlighter; Kim has been embracing her inner Mel B with these soft 90’s makeup tendencies, but last year Mario Dedivanovic (one of Kim’s six MUA) went full Pam Anderson VMA’s 99 glam when he picked blue eyeshadow to adorn Kim Kardashian’s face for an event back in September, something that neither Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lopez could bear as well as Kim did, proving again and again that is not how you wear it … it who wears it.


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