Protect your galaxy and oomph, Aries. Your sunniness tends to attract pests and your balminess appeals fleas.  Instead of speaking ill of parasites or hiding till dusk, be the rosemary, dew of the sea with a fibrous root system and too beautiful to tolerate vermin around.



   Put away the dice, the cards, the fake money, and fold up the board. You no longer have to play the games you’ve been overstretched into. There is no out of jail free card and there is no spinning colorful wheel that determines your fate. Put the rule book aside, Taurus. You’re the game maker.

Sometimes we don’t know what we’re craving until we’ve finally savored an untasted sensation. If you haven’t tasted it yet, keep sampling, and when things go sour, don’t go with them. But Gemini my dear, once they go veracious, you must act instantaneously.


As Aristotle put it, “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” Disapproval is rooted in shame. Deciding to live in this wicked and weird life is achieved best barefacedly. Be on your way to believing in your own chutzpa.


Don’t go without singing the song inside of you. Giving your soul to the universe is beyond moral law. Your wings must be dipped in richly colored days in order to pass through this phase of no gaiety.

There will never be a new beginning if you fail to put yourself a part of it. Your harmony depends upon your ability to un-blind the eye for eye society you’ve embraced for so long. If you can’t find the virtuous, create it.



   Your love is the sea; if a few drops of the sea are dirty, the sea does not become dirty. Continue to architect your admiration and affection. There is no greater joy than approving a new launch. In order to feel this authorization, you must be willing to look imprudent.


  The chains weighing you down seem to have you masking the world around you. It is important to undergo self-restoration and butterfly into redemption. Instead of hiding from your fretfulness, try to show up, knocking on the exact door you once feared.


Since you’re in need of lasting change, you can begin by treating everyone as if it’s their last day alive. Do so with no recompense of any sorts. Throw kindness around, ignore any spiteful attitudes, extend attention and affection. I promise you, your life will never be the same.


It’s vital to remember, if you seek – you will find. If you search for positivity, flowers, and affection, you will discover it. If you hunt for evil and sorcery, you’ll catch it with a net. But – what you take will eventually devour you. Choose wisely.


Now is the time to question your character, Aquarius. Your pride is a thick pill, but I advise you to swallow it. After somebody expresses their feelings were hurt by you, you’re say on whether you did or not is invalid. Sometimes, we as people, must admit to our flaws, stop denying, apologize, and hope for forgiveness.


   You can’t escape yourself, Pisces. You are your longest commitment endlessly, so in return you must make yourself a top priority. Treat yourself as a temple and do what you must. If you have a dream, don’t just vision it, you must be it. Lastly, don’t waste time proving who you are or want to be, just be it.




Illustration: Tabata Badín

Words:Madison Golbeck


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