Lyssa Bloom of @lmao.gif is a typical teenage girl with a normal life that consists of going to high school, studying, and hanging out with friends and family. She also happens to have over 100,000 followers on her relatively secret meme Instagram account, @lmao.gif. I recently caught up with Lyssa online, where she let me ask her questions about choosing prime memes, the pressures of online fame, and what it feels like to be a bona-fide online Hannah Montana. Take a look at what she had to say below.





Everyone talks about Instagram accounts once they go viral, but no one really knows what leads up to the point of gaining immense popularity. How long were you running your account before it became popular?


I was running my account for a year, and after that time period my account started to grow viral, and I started to gain a good amount of followers each day.

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You and I have joked in the past about how you’re pretty much the Instagram equivalent to Hannah Montana. How do the pressures of running your account anonymously impact you differently than they would if all your followers knew who you were?


I would feel the same. Because I’m not that popular IRL, and it wouldn’t really pressure me at all, I will just keep on posting.

On the subject of anonymity once more, how private do you keep your account? Do your friends and family know about it, or is it a total secret from everyone?


I don’t really keep my account private from my family or friends, and some of my friends know about it because they have been on my phone and saw @lmao.gif on my Instagram. If anyone were to ask if @lmao.gif my account, I would answer yes.


Your account is known for posting original content that your followers find relatable, intriguing, and at times inspiring, which impacts their taste in humour and style choices, even if only subconsciously. How does it feel to such an influential tastemaker in the lives of over 100,000 people you don’t know?


It feels weird and great, that I can just say whatever I want and some people will agree with me. I’m just blessed!


Finally, you’ve obviously joined the ranks of select few as a certified fashion and beauty meme God. How do you decide what content makes the cut for your feed and what doesn’t? Is this decision process stressful?


I decide by looking on my explore where there are plenty of makeup posts, and just repost a post on my page and credit the original owner. The decision process isn’t even stressful at all really, plus, I just use Instagram in my free time.




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