Happy Friday all my bebes~

It’s time to get out the house and shake ur booch tooch. Get 2 da club and shout ur “NAH”s w/ Chippy Nonstop at hella boiz hollerin at u cos u so hot tonite. Then of course I got sum 8-bit trax for when u get home and play sum 3DS. OK~~


x x x


Maria Forqué by Alina Lakitsch

I recently discovered Alina Lakitsch's work (go and see her Tumblr) and I'm in love forever with her images, I wanted her to photograph Maria Forqué,(...)


Chinatown Special

  Photographer: Harry Cooke Stylist/Creative Direction: Caitlin Moriarty Stylist Assistant: Ophelia Horton Hair/Make-up Artist: Model: Zoe(...)