We interviewed our new favorite girl on the Internet about her cute style and her projects, check out what Dadeko is creating through the internet in the interview below.

She also made an exclusive Superhero 3D filter, so you can have cute superpowers in your selfies on Insta stories and FB. Try it on here!





[SUPERHERO]: What are you working on?

[DADEKO ]: Right now I’m working on holographic filters. I actually specially made this crazy one for Superhero that turns your eyes into laser beams. Try it out, let me know what you think! The idea is you can become a superhero character whenever you want 💚💚💚


[S]:  Where are you from?

[D]: I’m a child of the world. I grew up on the Internet. I and my friends come from all over the place. I think we all feel way freer. No pressure to be from here or there. We chose to create who we are, and who we want to be.

[S]: So tell me about you and how important is for you the social media experience and why nowadays.

[D]: Instagram is a really fun way to connect with people. It’s kewl when people DM me, or I find stuff I never even thought existed. I really hope I can meet some virtual friends I made IRL soon ◕◡ ◕


[S]: What do you think about social influencers like Lil Miquela?

[D]: Lil Miquela definitely got a style. I love her space buns haircut. I think I’m way more of a geek. Like I spend most of my time 3D modeling and messing around with makeup. It would be way weird to be an influencer. I’m just into doing my own thing.

[S]: I just read on your social media that you are not interested in being authentic how come?

Hehe… I was kind of me joking about. I’m just bored of people looking for realness or real or reality. If you want reality, go on Facebook! I love watching anime or dancing to hyper-pop, getting lost in my own world.


[S]: Tell us about your personal style, why do you feel good wearing bright colours

[D]: Bright colours make me really happy. They just light up my brain and make me smile. I love waking up and mixing orange, purple and pink. Then just seeing what happens!

[S]: What about makeup, tell us about your favourite looks right now.

[D]: I think I’m always changing as a person. So I wear different makeup or colours to reflect who I am, or where I am at mentally, day to day. It’s really a way to express myself. I really want to do a pinky look inspired by Lisa from the new Pokemon movie. Then DVA from Overwatch, I love her so much.


[S]: Life motto?

[D]: Love. Angel. Music. Baby

[S]: Any summer plans?

[D]: I’m going to eat a lot of peanut ice cream on the beach. Oh, and play Fortnite season 5 he he.



If you like Dadeko’s work, please support her and follow her on Intagram here.




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