SE18″ is a series shot by Emma Williams of singer/songwriter Tallulah in her new home town Woolwhich. Styled by both. After spending the last year writing for other people Tallulah is now getting her debut EP ready for release. Both girls are also creators of their own zines, Emma’s titled ‘Street Dreams’ is out now and Tallulah’s ‘Sorry Sight‘ is out next month. We chatted about a lot of interting stuff about their work, check it out below!


 – (TALLULAH) – Me and Emma first me when I was working at a tattoo shop in soho and she came in for a tattoo. While she was waiting for the artist to draw up the design we got chatting and just became good mates.
– (EMMA) – Street Dreams’ is a collection of my personal street photography over the past year. It’s a mix of random people in the street who I thought looked interesting, friends on nights out and there’s a few dogs too.
– (TALLULAH) – My zine ‘Sorry Sight’ is basically a collection of features and interviews with people seen in there creative fields or just in general life as underdogs or outcasts. I’ve always been interested in anything or anyone that’s different and cool with that. I’m just in the process of getting everything together for the release with my girl Modest who I’m working on it with. We’ve got interviews with photographers, tattoo artists, and other singers, as well features on sex workers and editorials in London pubs! It’s a real mix of London as myself and Modest see it.
-(EMMA) – Well at the moment I’m studying engineering at Cambridge so I wouldn’t say I’m fully immersed in the london creative industry. Also most of my stuff I do by myself just walking around London. But being in London there’s so many opportunities as a photographer to get amazing content and work on shoots so that’s really cool. Also I’m always meeting amazing creatives who inspire me to push my photography further.
-(TALLULAH) – I think there’s good and bad things about being a creative in London. I’m always meeting new people, and hearing and seeing new things so I’m constantly feeling inspired, which is amazing of course. For me the fact that London has so many different sub cultures and new things going on and happening means you can’t really get bored of tired of it so it keeps me creative. I guess the only negative is cause there’s so many creatives there’s always competition – but really competitions good as long you always keep in mind why your creating what ever it is your creating.
-(EMMA) – Being able to put together collections / books / zines and have other people appreciate them is really satisfying. Other photographers as well, both ones I know personally and famous ones, really inspire me to improve my stuff and just keep making more content.
– (TALLULAH) –  Stories! Mine and other people’s – My main creative outlet is music and for me writing and making music is such a release. Anything and everything that happens in my personal life will get put in a song! It’s kind of like once it’s in a song I understand it better and how I feel more. I’m moved by a lot of things and I’d say I’m a pretty emotional person so I mainly right about my relationships and my own feelings. Sound wise, Massive Attack, Sade, Little Dragon and Eyrkha Badu are all some big influences for me! In terms of Sorry Sight I guess it’s the total opposite really, Sorry Sights a zine I created because of being moved by other people’s styles, stories and work so it’s a collection of other people that I find moving. When I get time I also make art on canvases that are a mix of paintings and collages – there a mix of mainly woman’s body’s and quotes about love.
– (TALLULAH) – At the moment I’m locked away in the studio really getting my music as strong as I can to release it. Playing around with sounds and being brave with my music has been a process. The plans to release my debut EP next month – its a mix of R&B and soul melodies and trip hop production. I just want to make stuff that’s honest to me and how I feel.
-(EMMA) – I’d love to do more focussed projects. I’m just starting a series on dogs which I’m pretty excited about and really I just want to do more stuff like that, get more content for collections and books. I’d like to get more involved in shoots like this one with Tallulah as well, it’s not something I used to be interested in but I’d definitely like to do more now.

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