“We were really inspired by religion and fashion and mixing the two because religion and fashion are such leading forces of inspiration in our generation we wanted to mix the two and see what we could produce . We wanted everything to be very authentic and really not pretentious and try hard. Being authentic is one most important values I hold to myself. So being able to decide the yes today we are gonna shoot and just do what inspires and get just get clothes that inspire us I thought was a really authentic way to work. “- Lincon Van Vught

Photographer: @boyshang
Stylist: @sachinmahi



Hustler tracksuit from the 40s & shorties and that jacket and pants also 40s & shorties

Shirt: Burberry, Jacket: Burberry, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Reebok
DKNY shirt, Zara shorts, Shoes: Reebook



A Response To Social Media Escapism And Missing The Sleep Train.

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Comic Girl

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