Open the front door to the dolls house of your fairy-haunted-childhood-dreams as created by Atcha Kim and Wolfette Styling. The power-duo bring us this ethereal, cotton-candy dream world where your sad moods are reflected by glitter raining on perfect bouffant hair, super cute bras and fun skirts are the only clothes necessary and My Little Ponies run wild. Sunlight = nostalgia and this shoot oozes with both. Bring back those boredom drenched lonely afternoons where your doll house and doll were the only entertainment and adult problems were an inconceivable myth.

Photographer : Atcha Kim

Creative director and stylist : Wolfette Styling

Hairstylist : Nadia Fabbro

MUA : Kaily Grist

Model : Heather @ Jager Models






Selfie Is Gooood! :))

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Sponge Bob 2005 Burger King TGIF 006

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