안넹~!! I'm Hannah, nice to meet you! I'm the fashion editor here at Superhero mag, and a freelance stylist & illustrator living in London, UK. I am originally a California girl and I love Sailor Moon, rainbow hair, blingy nail art, and k-pop!! I put stickers on everything and always make sure my instagram pics are sparkly! ~ ꒰⁎ ✪̼ ◡ ✪̼` ⁎꒱﹡Տҽҽ վօմ⁎☪*✩

Website: http://hannahgrunden.com
Instagram: http://instagram.com/hannahgrunden
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hannah_grunden

Magical Contributor

Introducing our brand new magical contributor Hannah Grunden! Having already graduated with a BA in Fashion Illustration and received a Graduate Diplo...

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Dratini Ft Lickylicky! <3 Sweet!

I Choose Dratini I chose dratini because she is the CUTEST pokemon! And she loves to be in the water! My favourite pokemon card I ever got was a ...

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A Girl Talk With Kreayshawn And More Kawaii Stuff !!

Our interview with the kawaii queen and multitalented rapper, dj, director, and artist Kreayshawn!!. We are in love with her supercute instagram, an...

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Happy Friday all my bebes~ TGIF 005

Happy Friday all my bebes~It's time to get out the house and shake ur booch tooch. Get 2 da club and shout ur "NAH"s w/ Chippy Nonstop at hella boiz h...

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Sweet Q&A w/ Katri Tikkanen!

Hello all u superhero cuties~! I am happy to introduce you to graphic designer/animator/illustrator Katri Tikkanen from Helsinki, Finland. A former st...

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HI! Amelia! Q&A Shop Jeen

We chat with Amelia Muqbel, creative and buying director at the superfun online one-stop-shop SHOP JEEN. Her nail art game is always strong, she puts ...

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Wibbly Wobbly Launch Party~Lazy Oaf x Juju

The Lazy Oaf x Juju collaboration launch party was a tropical pastel jelly extravaganza!. Complete with blue Japanese beer, jiggly jelly sculptures b...

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Andy Milonakis Is A Super Manboy! Q&A

We were lucky enough to have a lil chat with the one and only Andy Milonakis!!! Actor, comedian, rapper, Japanese food enthusiast, and former host o...

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Welcome To Our First Ever Style Profile Q&A!

World wanderer and purveyor of weird/cool/kawaii, ULTRAHAPPYALARM's Audra Perkins will dance straight into your heart! She is never in one place for...

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Wet N’ Wild

We collaborated with Siobhan Hogan from the cute & glam ShopFloorWhore to bring you the best and hottest looks for this summer! So grab a pina co...

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