My name's Donnika and I'm a London girrrl. I am a student, contributor to Superhero and sometimes model and I love exciting clothes and shoes, tacky jewellery (general tackiness), cloud rap, dancing, hot dogs anddd SUPERHERO! (ofc).


A Fairy Tale

Last week I got the opportunity every girl dreams of; to model in the Meadham Kirchhoff Fashion in Motion Show at the V&A. It was a magical day an...

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Moon On The Cementery

I dance amongst the graves… Chanelling Sailor Moon, Donnika sashays through grave stones and lies with the dead in this enchanting editorial. To rec...

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Tribal Ceremony

Have you ever seen a tribal ceremony? Witch doctor vibes are zapping us from this colour splurge created by the super cute modelofficialaudreykitching...

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W.I.A Coolness!

As they’re one of our favourite brands, we wanted you to experience the coolness overload we’re suffering from this wicked shoot by W.I.A! We can...

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Glitter + Glamour + Girls = Every Boy’s Fav Maths Sum

This new video from Obscure Rebellion is literally drop dead gorgeous with the-perfect-amount-of-tackiness, perfectly curled long luscious hair and pe...

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Hot-chocolate-sippin, Mince-pie-munchin, Stay-in-bed days TGIF 004

Hey pooches! It’s almost/finally the Christmas holidays!!! So here’s a playlist for cozy, hot-chocolate-sippin, mince-pie-munchin, stay-in-bed,...

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Crazee-Cool Cinemagrams by Rebel Nation

Everybody needs that January pick-me-up and we have the perfect thing! Here are some crazee-cool cinemagrams (like, really slow GIFs) showing off the ...

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Add To Your iTunes! Tkay Maidza :)

DROP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!!!! That’s exactly what we did the first time we heard and saw this music video to the should-be-well-known Tkay Maidza’...

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NYFW Round-up!!!

For a round up of some of the best NYFW AW15 outfits, check out these super-hot edits from Chicago based graphic designer and stylist Hannah Black! Ch...

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LFW Round Up!!!

Pt 2 of our Fashion week edits from the amazingly talented Hannah Black!!! These collages are made from’s pics of LFW and Hannah’s ow...

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